Why did Dr. Dellinger become a McDonough Implant Dentist?

Dental Implant

We provide a vast array of dental implant services including a single tooth implant, multiple dental implants, dentures and implants and more.

What are the different services that Dr. Dellinger provides in restoring dental implants as an implant dentist?

Dental Implants

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What is a tooth implant?

Why should I have dental implants?

Before we get too far into discussing why implant dentistry is a great solution for you let’s talk about your comfort. Dr. Dellinger and his kind and caring, experienced staff are famous for their gentle touch.

So rest assured, that even something as scary sounding as implant dentistry can and will be surprisingly comfortable and easy with team Dellinger.

If you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, teeth implants are the best solution in modern dentistry for replacing missing teeth.

Tooth Implant

An implant consists of a titanium screw that is surgically and painlessly placed in your bone. One it is healed or integrated, a connector, or abutment is placed directly onto the implant. Then a cosmetic crown is attached as the final restoration. You can have a single tooth implant crown or a dental implant bridge which can replace multiple missing teeth. You may need to replace all or most all of your teeth and a partial denture and a denture can now be a great solution with dental implants to help secure them.


What are implant supported dentures?

Snap on DentureDentures and ImplantsIn these modern times, there are few reasons a patient should have to tolerate ill-fitting, loose dentures. Are you one of those people who just leaves your partial denture or denture out because you simply cannot stand wearing it? Do you have trouble eating the foods you love because your dentures don’t fit right?

Well, Dr. Dellinger and his great staff have a solution for you: Snap on dentures. Dr. Dellinger can custom fit your existing or new dentures to snap onto dental implants. He can use bar clips, locator attachments or screw retention implants to fully secure your loose denture. He may suggest less expensive narrow implants. You might even quality for teeth in a day, or immediate implants.

Imagine eating all of the foods you love (and miss eating) and smiling confidently without worrying about your teeth falling out.

Call us today and find out how easy and affordable dental implants can be.